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Customer Satisfaction: The Key To Project Success

Meier Supply specializes in providing industry-leading applied products and support.

services that ensure the successful completion of our customers’ projects, from start-up to installation and beyond. Our priority is the complete satisfaction of every party involved in the installation of environmental control applications, from the architects and consulting engineers, to the installation contractors, to the building owner and occupants.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

In the field of environmental control applications, technology is constantly evolving. Keeping up with these rapid changes can be a challenge as well as a drain on resources. At Meier Supply, we make sure our applied team stays ahead of emerging technologies and products that offer the greatest efficiencies and value. Our customers have come to rely on us for the latest information as well as the most appropriate energy efficiency systems to meet their clients’ heating and cooling needs.

Full Range Of Support Services

Beyond the products themselves, we offer a wide range of support services aimed at maximizing the success of your installations and the satisfaction of your clients. These services include:
Pre-construction meetings held prior to installation to clearly identify requirements
On-site start-up assistance to ensure factory specifications are met
Regularly scheduled training for design engineers to provide updated information on the latest technology best suited for their projects
Training for installation contractors to promote quicker and more efficient installations that save time and money
Owner training to ensure the end user is comfortable with their installed heating and cooling systems

No Project Too Complex

From historic landmark hotels, to large public universities, to healthcare office spaces, to assisted living facilities, to multi-building major corporate campuses — Meier Supply has provided the heating and cooling systems backed by expert support services for a wide range of customers and commercial projects.