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Meiers Supply Company, Inc. – Corporate History

Meier Supply Company started out as a small family business, founded by Frank M. Meier and his son, Frank A. Meier, Sr. in August, 1957, after they purchased the assets of W.A. Case, a refrigeration business based in Buffalo, NY.

In April, 1960 Meier Supply became incorporated in New York State and shortly after, in 1961, moved into a new location at 221 Front Street. As the business grew and gained recognition in the trades, so did the company’s need for space. In 1963 Meier Supply Company, Inc. purchased two lots at 3 Louisa Street in Binghamton and proceeded to build a modern warehouse. The new headquarters and warehouse opened on December 16, 1963.

Recognizing further opportunities to expand, Meier Supply Company, Inc. purchased Central Service Supply, Inc of 918 N. Washington Avenue in Scranton, PA on October 29, 1971. They ran the 27-year-old business in its existing location for six years and encouraged with its success opened a new branch location for the business in a leased location at 762 Sans Souci Parkway in Wilkes-Barre, PA in February, 1977.

By April, 1980 Meier Supply Company, Inc. was ready to expand once again and opened another Central Service Supply branch at 225 Valley Street in Williamsport, PA. The Pennsylvania operations continued to grow and in December, 1982 the company purchased a building at 12 Ruddle Street in Wilkes-Barre. In 1984, both the Wilkes-Barre store and the Louisa Street, Binghamton underwent expansions.

It was also in 1984, that the family and the business said a sad farewell to founder and president, Frank M. Meier, who passed away on June 30, 1984. He was succeeded as president by his son and co-founder, Frank A. Meier, Sr., assisted by his brother-in-law John P. Norton, in the role of vice-president.

Under the leadership of Frank A. Meier, Sr. and John P. Norton, the company added another new branch to Central Service Supply on Route 17M in Middletown, NY (October, 1985) and purchased four lots at 109 Middle Street in Scranton, PA for a modern 5,000 square foot warehouse, which was built and placed into full operation by February 1986. Before the end of the decade, they also expanded the Binghamton headquarters on Louisa Street to its fullest capacity, extending all the way to Court Street.

Another opportunity to further the company’s reach came with the purchase of long time Rochester, NY business - Nohle Refrigeration Supplies in February, 1990. Meier Supply Company, Inc. maintained the Nohle Refrigeration Supplies name and existing location at 1144 E. Main Street, Rochester. Later that same year, another long-established family-based business, West Side Refrigeration Supplies of 1409 Oriskany West, Utica was purchased and became Meier Supply Company, Inc.’s seventh location.   It was at this same time that Meier Supply made the decision to become an ESOP, a move that proved to be a stroke of genius.  Growth exploded.

Having successfully grown the company from a small father-son operation into a thriving corporation with seven locations, Frank A. Meier, Sr. retired as president in 1995. After spending nearly 40 years at the helm, Meier handed over the company reins to his eldest son, Frank A. Meier, Jr. who had been working for the company in various roles since 1975. John P. Norton continued to serve as vice-president and Meier Sr. continued to serve on the Board.

Expansion was rapid through the remainder of the 1990’s, with the addition of a new store at 399 Oak Street in East Stroudsburg, PA in June 1996; a new store at 519 Hamburg Street, Buffalo, NY in October 1998; and the May 1999 purchase of Genesee Refrigeration, at 1200 Burnet Avenue, Syracuse, NY.

The new millennium began with the addition of an Erie, PA location on 2031 West 12 Street and the decision to begin operating solely under the Meier Supply Company, Inc. name. As of November 1, 2000 all locations, branches, and stores shared the same Meier Supply Company, Inc. name and logo.

After adding an Allentown, PA branch in May 2001, it was time to add more warehouse space and find a larger site for the company’s headquarters. Property was purchased at 123 Brown Street, Johnson City, NY and on April 1, 2002, the company moved into a new 36,000 square foot warehouse and 9,000 square foot corporate headquarters building. The Louisa Street location was retained and became an additional branch with warehouse space.

Since then, four new branches have been added: 2810 Pleasant Valley Blvd., Altoona, PA in 2004; 2359 Woodlawn Street, Harrisburg, PA in 2006; 20 Kairnes Street, Albany, NY in February, 2008; and Hanover, PA in October, 2008. Relocated to larger spaces were the East Stroudsburg store, which moved to the Parker Business Center in October, 2004; the Williamsport store which moved to 757 Arnold Street; and the Buffalo branch, which moved to Walden Avenue in July, 2009. The company also expanded its headquarters and distribution center on Brown Street in Johnson City, NY growing from 36,000 square feet to 46,000 square feet in March, 2008.

In 2007, the company celebrated its 50th Anniversary and added 11,000 square feet to expand its warehouse space in Syracuse. Meier Supply Company also opened a new customer training facility in Syracuse, marking the establishment of Meier University.

Furthering their training initiatives for customers, Meier Supply Company added a 1,600 square foot MATC (Mitsubishi Approved Training Center) at their Buffalo, NY location in 2010, becoming one of the only two distributor owned MATC facilities in the United States.

Tragically, in September 2011 the main distribution center on Brown Street was flooded for the second time in five years. Despite being swamped under five feet of water, the Meier team banded together and managed to restore the distribution center and headquarters to full operation within four days, a tribute to the heart and dedication of everyone involved.

The Rochester location was expanded in December 2012, with the addition of a 6,000 square foot warehouse and a training room.

Anticipating the need for further expansion over the next five years, the company once again moved its executive offices and distribution center into a state of the art facility at the end of 2012. The Conklin, NY facility, located in Broome Corporate Park, has a footprint of over 90,000 square feet and sits on nearly 15 acres.

Poised for future growth, Meier Supply Company continues to be proactive in identifying market trends, maintaining their position at the leading edge of HVAC&R distribution, providing expert technical knowledge, and supporting the needs of their customers.