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Refrigeration Temperature Control

SKU: WR 1609-101

Temperature Control, Remote -30to90°F Adj Cls On Rise 5'Cap

2 Pole

SKU: ST 90-340

Relay, 24V Switching 2PDT WR/RBM Type 91

2 Pole

SKU: ST 90-342

Relay, 208/240V Switching 2PDT WR/RBM Type 91

2 Pole

SKU: ST 90-341

Relay, 115/120V Switching 2PDT WR/RBM Type 91

Fast Open Gas Valve

SKU: WR 36H32-423

Gas Valve, 24V 3/4"x3/4" Fast Open

Fan Relay

SKU: ST 90-293Q

Fan Relay, SPDT 24V Enclosed WR/RBM Type 84

Electronic Temperature Control

SKU: WR 16E09-101

Temperature Control, -40° to 220°F SPDT Electronic Refrig/Hy

Fan Relay

SKU: ST 90-290Q

Fan Relay, Type 84, 24 VAC Coil, SPNO

Fan Relay

SKU: ST 90-294Q

Fan Relay, SPDT 120V Enclosed WR/RBM Type 84

Fan Relay

SKU: ST 90-295QS1

Fan Relay, SPDT 240V Enclosed WR/RBM Type 84

ASC-2 24/50-60 (065365)


Oil Management Control, 24V Junction Box Oil Control


SKU: ALCO AMG-208/240/60

Solenoid Valve Coil, 208-240v 50/60hz JunctionBox 6"Lead AMG

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