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Control Transformers

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SKU: MARS 50354

Transformer, 40va 120/208/240V Open Const NEMAII Foot Mnt

120 TO 24V 40VA

SKU: MARS 50352

Transformer, 40va 120V Open Const NEMA II Foot Mnt

SKU: MARS 50363

Transformer, 40va 208/240V Open Construction NEMA II FootMnt

120/208/240-24V 40VA

SKU: MARS 50304

Transformer, 40va 120/208/240V 24V Multi-Mnt NEMAII End Bell

208/240 TO 24V 40VA

SKU: MARS 50353

Transformer, 40va 208/240V Open Const NEMA II Foot Mnt