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SS15-.050 X 1/8 X MINNI-PAK

Supplier Part #: 1520FMPOP

Brazing Alloy, 0.05"x1/8"x20" 8 Stik Tube StaySilv15 PhosCpr

Product Info

Phos-Copper Brazing Alloys

Stay-Silv® 15 Phos-Copper Brazing Alloy

  • 14.5-15.5% Silver, 4.8-5.2% Phosphorus,
    Balance% Copper, 0.15% Other (total)
  • Excellent for situations where thermal
    expansion and service vibration are involved
  • Industry standard brazing alloy for HVAC and
    refrigeration connections
  • Self-fluxing on copper
  • Use Stay-Silv® white flux when brazing brass or copper to brass
  • Solidus: 1190°F (643°C)
  • Liquidus: 1480°F (804°C)
  • AWS A5.8 Class BCuP-5, ASME Section IIC SFA 5.8 BCup 5,
    QQ-B-654A BCuP5, ISO 17672 CuP 284
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Made in the USA