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HW M836B1033/U

INDamper Actuator, 24 Vac, T

Supplier Part #: M836B1033/U

Motor, Kit Mounted Damper 24VAC 15 lb-in 40Sec Run Time

Product Info

Commercial Kit Mounted Motors

M436/M836 Damper Motor

  • Spring return motors for 2-position back draft, outdoor air changeover,
    zone, or minimum position damper control
  • Operate outdoor air dampers for combustion or makeup air in residential
    and light commercial applications
  • Operate changeover dampers for heating and cooling systems
  • Operate minimum position dampers for ventilation and similar applications
  • Includes internal SPDT switch for controlling auxiliary equipment, additional
    motors, or to provide a burner interlock switch
  • Spring returns motor to start position on power failure
  • Drive shafts located on both sides of motor
  • Adjustable auxiliary switch for cascading motors or operating auxiliary equipment
  • Thermal breaker for overload protection during lifting stroke or if motor stalls
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Foot mount
  • Angle of rotation (stroke maximum/minimum): 75°/75°
  • UL Listed

Item Specifications

  • Tradeline
  • 60Hz
  • 40 Sec
  • Open 25 Sec
  • SPST
  • 15 lb-in
  • 24V
  • 4.95 lbs per EA