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Supplier Part #: TEZ8

Vacuum Pump, 8 CFM With 5-Second Oil Change

Product Info

Vacuum Pumps

TEZ8 2-Stage Vacuum Pump

  • Field-proven to outperform larger, belt-driven pumps by hours or even days
  • 5-Second Oil Change - Change the oil "on the fly" without breaking the vacuum
  • Debris catch tube protects the pump and automatically relieves positive
    pressure - eliminates accidental oil showers
  • 1/2" and Dual 3/8" inputs to allow for maximum input flow - up to 16 times the flow
    of pumps using 1/4" inputs
  • Advanced "anti-suckback" eliminates restrictive check valves
  • Adjustable multi-port input tree for simultaneous connections and unparalleled performance
  • Positive pressure relief / debris catch tube
  • High speed/High pressure 7", 10-blade turbine fan blasts over 600 CFM of cooling air
  • No Gas Ballast: Two-stage exhaust system vents moisture without breaking the vacuum
  • Lifetime technical support

Item Specifications

  • 33.00 lbs per EA