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Molecular Transformer

Supplier Part #: MT69

Molecular Transformator, Copper Coil ProSet

Product Info

Portable Recovery/Recycling Equipment

Pro-Set® Commercial Molecular Transformator

  • Functions as a submersible subcooler or evaporator
  • Reduces the temperature and pressure of refrigerant during the recovery process
  • Heat sink temperature: 100°F
  • Maximum operation pressure: 500 psig
  • Discharge pressure gauge: 0 to 600 psig
  • Inlet/out: 1/4" SAE Male
  • Incorporates 20’ of coiled copper tubing in a rugged, full metal jacket
  • Eliminates liquid slugging at colder temperatures
  • Able to recover R-410A on hot days
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Made in USA, with US and globally-sourced components