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HARRIS 40002


Supplier Part #: SCLF4

Flux, 4oz Flip Top Bottle Stay-Clean Liquid Soldering

Product Info

Soldering Flux

Stay-Clean® Liquid Flux

  • General purpose inorganic acid and salt type flux formulated to be
    active at temperatures optimum for a range of solder compositions
  • Ideal for soldering a variety of base metals including
    copper, brass, steel, nickel and stainless steel, but
    is not suitable for aluminum, magnesium or titanium
  • Effectively removes surface oxide and prevents oxide
    formation during soldering
  • Use with tin/lead, tin/antimony, and Stay Brite solders
  • Not recommended for use in electrical or electronic applications
  • Meets Commercial Specification A-A51145C Form B and Federal
    Specification OF-506C Type 1 Form B, (canceled 1/9/87)

Item Specifications

  • Stay-Clean
  • 4 oz