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HARRIS 40022


Supplier Part #: SSWF7

Flux, 6.5oz Bottle w/Brush Cap StaySilvBrazing White Paste

Product Info

Brazing Flux

Stay-Silv® White Paste Flux

  • A mixture of boric acid and fluoride compounds, it is
    formulated to provide smooth flux application, even coverage,
    and excellent protection during braze heating cycles
  • Homogenous brazing flux ideally suited
    for use with a variety of base metals
  • For brazing copper, copper alloys (except aluminum bronze),
    steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys and other ferrous base metals
  • Activity Range: 1050 to 1600°F (566 to 871°C)
  • AWS A5.31 Classification FB3 A; AMS 3410;
    Federal Specification O-F-499, Type B; EN 1045 Type FH10
  • Made in the USA

Item Specifications

  • Stay-Silv
  • 6.5 oz