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HW L8148E-1265


Supplier Part #: L8148E1265/U

Aquastat Relay, Vert Mt 1-1/2”-3” 180°-240°F Hi Damper Plug

Product Info

Aquastat® Relays

L8148 Aquastat® Relay

  • Immersion-type controllers that combine high limit protection
    with switching relay control of burner and circulator motors
  • SPST Switching action for high limit and circulator
  • High limit opens burner circuit only
  • Select models include transformer and accessory terminals
    for adding a remote low limit controller
  • Includes:
  • Transformer
  • Accessory terminals for adding a remote low limit controller
  • Well adapter
  • Tube of heat conductive compound
  • Range stops
  • Case available for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Requires 24VAC thermostat with heat anticipator set at 0.2A
  • Tradeline models include well adapter, tube of heat conductive compound and range stops
  • UL Listed, CSA certified

L8148 High Limit Aquastat® Relay

  • Switching action: SPST high limit & circulator

Item Specifications

  • 4.00 lbs per EA