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Drain Pan Level Sensor/Control

Supplier Part #: SS610E

Sensor Control, f/Drain Pan in M-Series P-Series City Multi

Product Info

Parts & Accessories

Condensate Drain Sensor

  • Auxiliary drain pan sensor
  • Turns the indoor unit off if water is sensed
  • Electronic overflow protections for drain pans in all
    M-Series, P-Series and CITY MULTI indoor units
  • Includes:
  • Control box
  • Micro sensor
  • Splice connector
  • Coil clips
  • P Wire harness
  • M1 Wire harness
  • M2 Wire harness
  • M3 Wire harness
  • M4 Wire harness
  • M5 Wire harness

Item Specifications

  • 0.20 lbs per EA