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PARAGON 8245-00


Supplier Part #: 8245-00

Defrost Timer, 120V 60Hz N3 Closed AC Line

Product Info

Defrost Timers

8000 Commercial Electromechanical Defrost Timer

  • Designed for commercial freezers
    and refrigerators to provide automatic
    defrost capability
  • High-amperage switch contacts: 40A, 2 hp
  • Positive slider bar switch design assures positive electrical contact and wipes the contact surface of contaminates
  • Safety back-up, mechanical
    time-driven defrost termination
  • Heavy duty synchronous design
    drive motor
  • Adjustable frequency of defrost
    initiation from 1 to 6 cycles per
    day with a minimum of 4 hours
    between successive operations
  • Adjustable back-up defrost termination
    from 4 to 110 minutes in 2 minute increments
  • Heavy-duty steel enclosure with knockouts (on bottom, back and sides) and hasp and staple padlock
  • Suffix:
  • -00 = AC Line, 60Hz, 120V
  • -20 = AC Line, 60Hz, 208/240V
  • -21 = AC Line, 50Hz, 208/240V

8245 Pressure Terminated Defrost Timer

  • Electric heat, hot gas or
    compressor shutdown
  • Adjustable cut-in pressure
    dial calibrated from
    36-110 pounds for
    R-12, R-22, R-502

Item Specifications

  • Closed//Open/None
  • Steel
  • Defrost
  • Electromechanical
  • 120V