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Supplier Part #: RFH100E44DA

Condensing Unit, 1hp R404A Ext Med Temp 208/203-1 Hermetic

Product Info

Multi-Refrigerant Air-Cooled Condensing Units

  • Ideally suited for use in a variety of commercial applications such as cafeterias, convenience stores, restaurants
    and fast food outlets
  • This small profile product line has been designed around environmentally safer refrigerants
  • Next-Gen MiniCon Units are available with hermetic or scroll compressors
  • Legacy MiniCon models are available with semi-hermetic or discus compressors while supplies last
  • Russell can also provide matching evaporators and accessories to create complete refrigeration solutions for small to medium walk-ins
  • The standard R-series condensing unit is designed for operation in ambient air temperatures up to 110°F

Next-Gen MiniCon R-Series Outdoor Flooded Multi-Refrigerant Air-Cooled Optimized Packaged Unit

  • 1/2 to 6 Horsepower
  • Hermetic or scroll compressor
  • Generously sized condenser, copper tubes/aluminum fins
  • Integral liquid subcooling circuit increases system efficiency
  • Easy access liquid and suction line shut-off valves mounted external to cabinet
  • Large electrical control panel with hinged/lift-off door
  • Compressor contactor or start kit (three phase
    or starter kit (single phase)
  • Encapsulated auto reset high pressure control
  • Encapsulated auto reset low pressure control (medium temperatures)
  • Adjustable low pressure control for low temperature models
  • Electronic air defrost timer on all medium temperature models
  • Electronic defrost provisions all low temperature models
  • Refrigerant receiver with shut-off valve and relief plug
  • PSC Motors are standard for all condenser fans
  • Weather resistant painted galvanized steel housing on
    a raised galvanized steel base
  • Liquid line kit with filter-drier and sight glass with moisture indicator
  • Suction line piping
  • Crankcase heater
  • Color-coded wiring with point-to-point wiring diagram
  • Temperature range R-404A:
  • E = Extended Medium (Hermetic -25° to 30°F ST/Scroll -10° to 45°F ST)
  • L = Low (Hermetic -30° to 0°F ST/Scroll -40° to 0°F ST)
  • UL Listed and  cUL Listed for indoor/outdoor use

Next-Gen MiniCon Outdoor Flooded Extended Medium Temperature Hermetic Compressor - R-404A*

  • Discontinued - While supplies last

*Many of the hermetic models are suitable for use with multiple refrigerants (R-404A, R-407C, R-448A, and R-449A). Capacity datas shown uses R-404A as reference. See model listings for details.