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Supplier Part #: 400811

Filter-Drier, 7/8"ODF Compact Suction Line C-147-S-TT-HH

Product Info

Catch-AllĀ® Filter-Driers

  • Leak-proof shell
  • Solid copper sweat fittings
  • Outlet safety filter
  • Molded porous core of blended desiccants for maximum containment acid, and moisture removal
  • Will filter out scale, solder particles, carbon, sludge, dirt, or any foreign matter with negligible pressure drop
  • Removes moisture and acid from the refrigerant by absorbing and retaining it deep within the desiccant granules
  • UL Listed

"C" Series Compact Suction Line Catch-AllĀ® Filter-Drier for Wax Removal

  • Compact design for tight spaces
  • Shorter overall length suitable for cramped piping situation
  • Suitable for use on 1 thru 5 ton air conditioning systems, with
    suction line sizes in range of 1/2 to 1-1/8; applicable on the
    common suction line of heat pump systems
  • Access valves for measuring the pressure drop across the
    filter-drier during clean-up, following a hermetic motor burnout
  • For all commercially available HCFC and HFC refrigerant/lubricant combinations
  • Very smooth, strong, entirely leak-proof joint
  • Maximum rated pressure: 650 psi
  • HH Core - A blend of two desiccants removes all types of contaminants including
    moisture, acid, dirt and sludge; plus activated charcoal gives maximum performance
  • T - Indicates a Schrader type pressure tap on the inlet of the Catch-All
  • UL Listed

Item Specifications

  • 14 cu in
  • ODF
  • 7/8" x 7/8"
  • 4.44"
  • 5.8"
  • 5.8"
  • C-147-S-TT-HH 7/8 COPPER CONN
  • 4.97"
  • Catch-All
  • 7/8"
  • 5.5"
  • 2.28 lbs per EA