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B/M # 33Y360-39

Supplier Part #: AE4440Y-AA1AGK

Condensing Unit, 1/3hp R134a 115-1 High/High AE4440YAA1AGK

Product Info

AE Family Condensing Units

  • Low temperature: rating point -10°F evap
  • Medium temperature: rating point 20°F evap
  • High temperature: rating point 45°F evap
  • Commercial temperature: rating point 20°F evap,
    90°F ambient for indoor units
  • Medium/Low: rating point 20°F evap, 130°F cond

High Temperature AE2 Family Evaporative Condensate Condensing Unit

  • High temperature: rating point 45°F evap, 90°F ambient
  • Gray base
  • Options:
  • GB = Includes receiver and power cord
  • GC = Includes receiver, service valves and power cord
  • GK = Includes power cord
  • GL = Standard unit (no receiver tank, service valves or power cord)

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