LG Connection

Software (driver for hard lock key and cable, and the LGMV zip file) must be installed on PC before LGMV hardware is attached.
These instructions are for Windows 10, but same process applies to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

  • Download the LGMV Installer (below)
  • Download the UART Bridge drivers (below) and extract the contents (Instructions). Inside the folder there will be 2 installers:
    1. CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe
    2. CP210xVCPInstaller_x86.exe
  • Run the x64 first (1.), as the machine you’re using will most likely be 64 bit. If it gives you errors, then install the x86 (2.). It will be one or the other, you do not install both.

  • With the LGMV Software and UART Bridge drivers installed, go ahead and connect the LGMV module box to your computer. Once connected, open up Device Manager (Instructions) on your Windows machine. In the list, look for Ports (COM and LPT). Expand it and look for Silicon Labs UART Driver. In parentheses there will be the word COM and a number. Make a note of the number.

  • With the number recorded, open up LGMV software and select Monitoring. The software will then prompt you to enter in system information. At the bottom right there is a COM Port section and a field to enter in your number, set it the same as the COM number you recorded previously.

  • Once you have your info all set, go ahead and click Confirm. Look for the Current State indicator at the bottom right of the window, if everything is connected properly it will say “Comm OK” and flash green, data will then start to populate.

  • If you get a “Insert Lock Key” message but a lock key is not required, then typically that means your dip switches are set incorrectly. Check to make sure they are set properly, and reopen the software.
    If everything looks good but it still refuses to connect, you may need to reboot your machine. You can do that with everything plugged in. Once it powers back on, attempt to connect to the unit again.

LGMV Installer Download

UART Bridge Drivers (needed for the LGMV module box) Download