1. Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating NE Business Unit Diamond Service Group Distributor of the Year
2. Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating National Diamond Service Group Distributor of the Year
3. Named a Top 10 Refrigeration Distributor by The ACHR News

1. Honeywell Residential Outstanding Sales Growth and Partnership
2. Premier Performance Award from Rheem & Ruud

1. Mitsubishi Crowning Achievement Award
2. Mitsubishi Crowning Achievement Club
3. HTPG Premier Performance Award
4. HTPG Outstanding Achievement Award
5. CGNA Elite Distributor
6. Ed Brink Received the “Best HVACR Trainer” award from The ACHR News/PHCC
7. CGNA Leadership Award

1. Controls Group NA Connect-Air Cable Distributor of The Year
2. Emerson Climate Peak Performance Award
3. Emerson Climate Signature Award