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HW C7232B1006


Supplier Part #: C7232B1006/U

Sensor, CO2 Duct Mount with LCD Display with Honeywell Logo

Product Info

Carbon Dioxide Sensors

C7232 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor

  • Stand-alone Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensors and controllers are
    used for determining ventilation necessity with HVAC controllers
    and to manage the amount of fresh outdoor air supplied to
    maintain acceptable levels of CO2 in the space
  • Models available with LCD that provides sensor readings and
    status information
  • Non-Dispersion-Infrared (NDIR) technology used to measure
    carbon dioxide gas
  • Gold-plated sensor provides long-term calibration stability
  • Provides voltage or current output based on CO2 levels
  • SPST relay output
  • Used for CO2 based ventilation control (Demand Control Ventilation (DCV))
  • Automatic Background Calibration (ABC) algorithm based on long-term
    evaluation reduces required typical zero-drift check maintenance
  • CO2 Range: 0 to 2,000 ppm, adjustable
  • Analog current output: 0/2 to 10VDC or 0/4 - 20mA selectable
  • Response time: 1 minute
  • 24VAC/DC, 50/60Hz

Item Specifications

  • 50/60Hz
  • SPST
  • 24V/DC
  • 0.95 lbs per EA