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HW S688A-1007


Supplier Part #: S688A1007/U

Sail Switch, 5" Sail 10" Insertion SPDT Switchin

Product Info

Sail Switches

S688 Sail Switch

  • Activates an electronic air cleaner, a humidifier, or other equipment
    in response to airflow from the system fan
  • Mounts in the return air duct where the sail will be in the direct path
    of an unrestricted air stream
  • Simplified installations with multi-speed fans, in-accessible air handlers,
    fan motors with voltage or phase different from controlled equipment;
    eliminated wiring to system fan
  • Polyester film sail mounted on a micro switch snap switch
  • Removable spring counterbalances sail to allow mounting in
    either vertical (up or down) or horizontal air flow
  • Top and bottom conduit knockouts for wiring convenience
  • Low air velocity switch operation makes at 250 fpm and breaks at 75 fpm
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 125°F at switches, 170°F at sail

Item Specifications

  • SPDT
  • 24/120/240V
  • 0.80 lbs per EA