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HW V8043F-1036

24V 50/60 3/4SWEAT 2POSTION

Supplier Part #: V8043F1036/U

Zone Valve, 3/4"Swt 3.5 Low Voltage NC Manual Open

Product Info

Hydronic Motorized Zone Valves

V8043 Low Voltage Normally Closed Zone Valve

  • 2-Way on-off low voltage valves consist of an actuator and valve
    assembly for controlling the flow of hot water
  • Manual opener (on all models, except straight-through, normally open
    valves) for valve operation on power failure; valve returns to automatic
    position when power is restored
  • All models may be installed without disassembling the valve
  • Compact construction for easy installation
  • Complete powerhead may be removed or replaced without breaking
    plumbing line connections or draining the system
  • Actuator motor may be replaced without removing the valve body or draining the system
  • Use this valve in closed loop hydronic systems that do not contain dissolved
    oxygen in system water, such as fresh water from frequent source of makeup water
  • Valve designed for cycling (not constantly powered on) applications
  • Fluid temperature range: 50° to 200°F (10° to 93°C)
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 125°F
  • UL Listed

* Tradeline
** Auxiliary End Switch Normally Open SPST

Item Specifications

  • 3.5 Cv
  • Swt
  • 50/60Hz
  • 3/4" Swt
  • 3/4"
  • 24V
  • 1.90 lbs per EA