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KE2 20178


Supplier Part #: 20178

Evaporator Efficiency Kit, 120V/208-240V w/Controller

Product Info

KE2 Therm Controller Kits

KE2 Evaporator Efficiency Controller Kit

  • Designed to save energy in refrigeration systems
  • Controls superheat, space temperature and fan cycling
  • Reduced compressor runtime and
    implements demand defrosts
  • Designed to be used in single and
    multiple evaporator installations
  • (366) Days of temperature logging
    when used with the KE2 Flash Drive
  • Connects controllers to KE2 Smart Access customer
    portal without requiring controller upgrades
  • Kit includes:
  • Air sensor mount
  • (4) Wire ties (rated for low temp)
  • (5) Self-tapping screws
  • (4) 90┬░ Quick disconnects
  • Fine thread machine screw
    with lock washer
  • (2) Course thread screws
  • (3) 15’ Temperature sensors
  • (8) 2-Position screw-down
    terminals (for sensors and
    digital input, analog output)
  • (4) 3-Position screw down
    terminals (for power in,
    transducer and 3A relays)
  • (1) 120V and (1) 208-240V Jumpers
  • (1) 5-Position screw down terminal (for EEV)
  • Terminal board with relay kit
  • High-voltage safety shield
  • (2) 1/2" Plastic knockout plugs
  • Warranty card

(a)  Beacon® kit includes an extra temperature sensor, pressure transducer and cable

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