Supplier Part #: WA1348AJ1NA

4 ton 13 SEER Single-Stage -208/230/1/60

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4 ton 13 SEER Single-Stage -208/230/1/60

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UVC-Advantage with 17" standard lamp,
Line Set, 1/2" Insul 3/8"x7/8"x30' Std
Line Set, 1/2" Insul 3/8"x7/8"x50' Std
Equipment Pad, 30"x30"x2" E-Lite Plastic
Equipment Pad, 36"x36"x2" E-Lite Plastic
Whip, Ultra,N.M.(1/2x6Ft)Bulk
Disconnect Box, 60A NonFused 1ph NEMA 3R Pullout
Surge Protector, 120-240V 3 Leads 10ga NEMA4X
T700 Platform: 7D, 5+1+1 or non-programmable, 1H/1C with 4 sq. in. display
Whip, Ultra, N.M.(3/4x6Ft)Bulk
Surge Protector, 120/208-240V Compressor Defender NEMA3
3.5-4 Ton 21" Upflow Case Coil A/C
3.5-4 Ton 24" Upflow Case Coil A/C

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